Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am so blessed b'cos of my partners...

Today, I was reading one of my photographer's blog, and discovered his works were so recognised that another photographer from another country has requested him to take for his wedding...
Having know a little background of where my photographer has come from and how the Lord has matured and led his growth.. I was touched. Each time, their stories are like showers of blessings to me tt bless my soul.
In this industry, everyone has to work really hard, and plough much to establish himself, the long hours sometimes may strain one out, yet whenever you see how your fellow partners stand strong and press on for the works they believe, it becomes such a booster for you. And to me , many times, my partners are my booster. And I am so proud of each one of them. This is one unexpected blessing you will gain in this journey of being an entrepreneur.

Every wedding has its magical moment...

Have not updated the blog for a while, yes.. have been swarmed with much work. Just finished planning one of the most influential families I have ever known - Mr Oei Hong Leong's eldest daughter's wedding. In fact, to think about it, I have been so ignorant about the background of this couple of mine (only got to know their background a week before the wedding.. mine mine...), that throughout the wedding, I was basically doing my usual role as a planner, providing all the consultations I would have given, and standing firm in my recommendations based on my experiences.

Now recalling back from the first food tasting meeting I had with both families, and how I handled each family member and how eventually I weaved into each consideration into the planning, I laughed and marvelled. This was one wedding where all the high profile personnel were present, from President Nathan and the First lady, from DPM to the various ministers, a supposedly to be a top high security event. Yet I enjoyed every minute of it.

In fact, looking back, contrary to many who would have expected that this to be a stressful event, it was actually very manageable. The first time I got up close to all the VIP, and yet there was not an air of coldness or extreme formality present. Everyone basically enjoyed the party and had fun participating it.
And most of all, I found my moments in this wedding that I was actually touched and felt for the event. And for this wedding, it was the first dance of the couple. Liz and Peter is a very filial couple. Every details of the wedding they planned, they took considerations of those desired from both families.
When I saw their moment on the dance floor, I knew that moment was magical, above all the details they have ever thought of, what matters most was that moment that you are just in the arms of the one you love, and all others became shadows in the light of their love. Amazing, it's so amazing.. I want to fall in love again...

Monday, January 8, 2007

She makes me want to be a better man!!

Just finished a wedding... It was a very short and yet very very meaningful wedding...
This wedding was planned within 2 weeks. Received a call 2 weeks from the sister of the groom, claiming that a wedding must be held in two weeks' time..
So all conceptualization and details were arranged with very last min notices with the sister, and I only get to meet the couple 3 days before the wedding.
But I can't deny every details from the floral setup, to place cards, favours to the entertainments and proposed schedule was elaborate.. We have Victorian lush floral, clown balloon Sculpturer for the children, Acapella for the prelude, Harpist Trio for the dinner... and great singing from the couple.. It was even more elaborate than some local Chinese wedding dinner.
But one thing stands out : the essence of the wedding was intense and romantic, and spoke far beyond the elements and details of the event. The guests that came for the wedding were so real, spontaneous and all came to give the couple with sincere wishes and blessings.

I marvelled that despite the wedding was planned within 2 weeks... yet it was one wedding I was touched. The groom said to the bride"I am so blessed, when I first met my wife, I thought she was pretty... and the more I knew her, I want to give my all for her.. she makes me want to be a better man... " wow that's one touching statement...
I believe this is what every groom awaits for, and every brides long to hear about...
In such wedding... I can't help to pray : Lord, may I become the woman who will make my husband wants to do so too...

Saturday, January 6, 2007

My brides always inspire me!!

Just came back from a meeting. Have a meeting with one of my brides and Sebastian, the florist. Coming from a floral background and with guru like Sebastian, we usually know more terminology abt flowers than most brides. And usually, I am pretty specific with what I want to recommend for my brides.

Yet this time, Liz surprised me and inspired me as a result.. She actually knew the exact rose type and ways of arrangements. Both Sebastian and myself were amazed, her understandings of flowers easily surpasses most of the florists in town.. I can't deny I was inspired to excel even more in the area of our fields. Working with clients like Liz, motivates you to do your area of scope even better... Thank you Liz..

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year and a amazing 2007 to come!!!

First and foremost.. Happy New Year and a great 2007... I am so excited for this year, just cleaned up my room, and my office and all sets to go for 2007...
But other than the physical cleaning, I took some time off just to reflect on 2006, and truly 2006 has been an amazing year of discovery and learnings... There were moments of tears, joy, laughter and love.. and at the end of the day, I am ready for 2007.

There's the difference between 2007 and 2006. I began this year with a new vision and hope for the days ahead... I believe this year is going to be a year of many pleasant surprises, many victories and many inner fulfillment of the dreams and hopes that's within.

Had a great children worship yesterday and met two of my good buddies for drinks.. and did lots of shopping. I hardly shop since I was a wedding planner.. and somehow, yesterday was just great to do the girly stuff with your gfs. Valli mentioned abt her resolution for 2007, and I wondered for mine.. so what's my resolutions.. sounds weird to pen it down.. and eventually I only have 3 simple ones..

  1. I want to see myself happy and contented in every moments. Amidst all the demands and needs arising in everyday, I want to learn to rejoice and be a joy to others, esp to my loved ones and families.
  2. I want to see myself excel in all I do. Be it in the arena of wedding designs, children worship, or simply learning a new skill.... yes, to make every moment count.
  3. Finally, I want to spend more time with my family, my ministry and give time for myself... afterall all, these are what matters to me most than my job and career..