Thursday, March 29, 2007

From delivering concepts to dreaming concepts

Just came back after painting the backdrop for a Children Easter Carnival... now I know painting such a big prop is not easy.. so much patience to ensure the contrast and gradient is correct..On my way back, I was thinking I can never run away from concepts and design..One of my youth was saying she likes to do small props.. and I pondered over what she said.. and asked myself, what abt you, Hannah.

I realised I love to dream concepts and seeing them coming to pass... looking back, these past 3 yrs, I began from delivering concept details to dreaming concept details. I remembered those times you stayed up late till 3am, to see all my floral arrangements completed for next day wedding, and earning only $100 as profit. Yet, the joy and toil was both present. You worked for 12 hours to earn $100.. that's no fun. But when you see your details coming to a complete form, you have that few seconds of satisfaction.

Today, I am fortunate to have a team of artists and designers who are experts in their own field.. and working with them, allows me to dream even bigger concepts. I realise that's the unique talent a human has. You can dream big.. and sometimes you wonder are your dreams too big.. but when you start taking step to making your dreams come true, it becomes closer and easier to what you have envisioned..

As I was painting those props for the Church Easter Carnival, I heard a voice saying, Hannah, see, if only you don't ask for such complicated props or elaborate setup, you won't have to be here doing these works.. then again, another voice of mine kept encouraging me, "No, Hannah press on, you will get to see the joy of the final setup if you perserve..
And indeed I can't wait to see the setup on 7 March...

8 March will be the day for our first theme carnival ever created in Expo 9... conceptualised by Dreamy Hannah, and designed and delivered by her group of talented and incredible youths... I have to say, if not for them, I would have dropped the theme park ideas. Working with youths causes you to go beyond yourself, what you think.. and finally realising you can do it.. if you dare to dream..and put feet into your dreams.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A day in the life of a wedding planner...

I have not been a good blogger recently.. so much to do, besides work, family and church obligations are on the pile...

Today, I was amazed at how much I did. Early in the morning, Grace & Chek Wu passed me the deposits for their next week's wedding.. and we ran thru some final details. Grace teased me "Hannah, you must have loved logistics details... ". I smiled and replied "I grew to love it... haha trust me, I am more a creative person than a logistics guy".

Next, a new couple flew in from Hong Kong to see me, I always felt blessed when you get to have couples who flew all the way to Singapore to meet you.. Lena & Paul is a great couple.. can see their enthusiasm for their coming wedding. When they shared with me their theme,.. my eyes sparkled.. one more great wedding design I look forward to create..

After Lena & Paul left, came Puay Ju & Peter.. my first concept meeting with them.. I did a personality test with them, interviewed them.. and ideas started popping up in my mind.. I can see Puay Ju start dreaming abt her wedding.. and I must say, this year, I have loads of great couples who are willing to explore with me with their ideas... very unballroom, unconventional and one of its kind for everyone of them.. God thank you..

Finally, I ended off my day, heading to Arab Street to accompany my bride and mum to shop for fabric.. Jo has no clue how to choose or tailor a dress for the mum.. so I assured her.. she would have fun in it..I brought them some pictures of gowns proposed.. went about showing them fabrics, laces, silk satin, tulle, applications on some organza etc etc.. As I went abt the description and giving me comments as the sales personnel draped over the materials over my bride and her mum... I can't help to marvel.. the joy of woman in shopping for one another... I was reading my client's expressions, as well as giving my 2 cents worth of comments and eventually seeing my comments took one step in influencing their decisions...until the owner asked me "you must be a designer... i laughed.. no, I am not, a wedding planner, but one who has grown to love and learn more abt fabrics.. And we eventually exchanged name cards... I looked back.. and gave myself a little pat in my heart,"Hann, you have acquired much knowledge over these years...many times I am amazed of the journey He has brought me this far...

So what can I say.. do I love my job.. yes, I do.. Sometimes, you pull your hair over your role.. sometimes, you wonder why you are still in it.. but most of the time, I saw my little dream abt being an artist, an entrepreneur coming to fulfillment.. one day, I dream I will share my experiences with many out there.. as I am sharing with you now too...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Seeking Balance in hectic demands

I am back in Singapore, clearing all the work on my off day i.e. Mon... somehow, the moment anyone touches Singapore, we can't escape from the hectic lifestyle and demands this country brings...Somehow, I often wish Singaporean lifestyle is likened some of the European countries... less hectic, more balanced, more space for us to seek and find what life truly is.

At the Bali airport, as usual was browsing thru the bookstores.. and came across this real life story : " A Patch of Paradise - a woman's search for a real life in Bali". Discovered later it's one woman who was tired of the hectic and busy city life and exchanged all that for a hut on a tropical beach. Tired of the everyday grind, and how she and her family built their home in what they called the Paradise - a hut in Bali...

So finally bought that book..and can't wait to discover what her dream of escape was...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

God is so so good!!!

Tonight is the last night in Bali.. before I head home and face the reality of work again.. But I must say this trip is so fruitful and I am blessed :

  1. Got upgraded to a good room from Conrad and enjoyed the discounts..
  2. Met great partners who are keen to expand the business with you
  3. Met a genius cake chef.. never thought I could find a good cake chef here that is compatible to Singapore's standard
  4. Discover few more great resorts for weddings
  5. Found out so many great entrepreneurs and business man here are ladies... Japanes, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian.. further inspires me in this area
  6. Got some time to rest and relax.. shop and spa... something unexpected to receive in my job, since I am always work in all my trips
  7. Met a great driver who is so sincere and learn something new abt Bali again...
  8. And most of all, miss the one I love and discovered how much I wish he's here...

Oh God, you are so good.... Bless all the works of my hands and JH's.

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Joy and Woes of my role.. I learn to relax and have fun..

I am in Bali now... soaking and looking at the sea ahead of me... in my hotel, as I worked...

I remembered the day before I came to Bali, I had a food tasting with one couple... and I must say it was one of my worst food tasting ever...Had never seen a parent disagreeing so much with their child in every wedding details.. and me trapped in between the emotions was not very pleasant... Anyway, I went back feeling miserable, in one way or the other, I am attached to what I do.. and was miserably packing for my trip to Bali the next day for work..

Had to plan a wedding in Bali in April in one of the most renowned and luxurious resorts : Como Shambhala - Begawan.. and yesterday passed by so fast.. I touched base, met my business partners, deployed the concept for the event.. then head off to have quick dinner..Today, I had a long drive up to Ubud.. and the whole team in Begawan was waiting to receive me and discuss the details..

It was one of my most systematic, and detailed meeting.. since it take me to fly all the way here and planning was very thorough and I was proud of myself.. I must say the day before, I was upset with the emotions in the food tasting in the Singapore, and was wondering being a wedding planer is no fun, and no glamour as many thought otherwise.. and wondered how long I would be doing this.. today, when I saw the resort, the details proposed, and looking at the vast opportunities of beautiful resorts, my imagination ran wild.. I still love to design beautiful weddings.. and still love my job. Maybe I should just concentrate overseas weddings...hmm...

And I bumped into this resident baby - Sandy, 1 year old but huge golden retriever.. oh she's too big for her age.. and I fell in love with her.. she so tamed and she's so "kua", seating near us without no abrupt barking... and she has beautiful fur.. lovely.. maybe I should get a puppy soon.. since I always have my Joey, the doll puppy.. maybe I need a real one soon...