Friday, May 25, 2007

Designing Placecards

Finally we finished painting all the eggs... It was a placecard concept we created for the coming wedding theme - Country Victorian. We wanted to create a placecard that is fun, unique, personalised and reflects a part of our couple...who also enjoy painting

So instead of the usual printed placecards, we have a personalised painted egg in a customised egg holder. As usual, I am excited exploring new ideas, and my client bought the idea proposed.. But I must say the process of doing that was hilarious.

First we have to source for large white eggs.. not any brown or beige ones.. white.. and I never know shopping for eggs can be so difficult until my colleague went around searching.. Next, we have to master the skill of draining the egg content without breaking the egg shelf.. what a skill.. and finally the exciting moment came, it is the process of painting the egg..

I am fortunate to have talents who are willing to execute the work with great patience. It is definitely labour intensive and time consuming...We get to propose the designs, fine tune it and to a point of exploring the various calligraphy that will look good.. and it was one long process.. But when all is done, and you grew to fall in love on what you have created.. you know it's all worth it.. and that is what it matters..

Friday, May 18, 2007

How to choose a bridal gown?

Sometimes, I marvelled at the fact, that woman can do so many things all at one time.. Usually I have my day planned few days before.. and it can be fully packed, often you wish you have a quick break.

I took a heavy breakfast, knowing that my next meal could be tonight at 11pm.. and true enough, I just had my dinner at 11.10am... Today is another bridal gown shopping trip with my new bride, Kin. Kin is a fun bride, who is not pretentious, basically someone who knows what she wants. I remembered her comment "I do not need Lavish, dramatic gown, something simple that I can mingle around with my friends, but I do have a budget constraint, what will you suggest, Hannah"

And I understood where she came from. To me, I do not believe in shopping down the whole stretch of bridal shops in Tanjong Pagar, and get bombarded with hard pressed sales, claiming theirs the best. Choosing a gown is all about understanding what looks good on you and what enhances you.. and not choosing a gown that is mere pretty, and overwhelms to the point you are shadowed by it.
I have seen simple gowns but when it is worn on the right bride, the bride looks gorgeous, but I have also seen a pretty and elaborate gown, and when it is worn, my bride's been hidden in it.

So how do you choose a gown? I do not claim to be an expert, but having a passion and working previously in fashion, I think I can share my 2 cents worth.

  1. First, buy some bridal magazines, up to date local as well as imported ones, and not some old fashioned, cheesy bridal magazines.. find out what are the upcoming trends, and look at the gown options, even though majority looks good as they are shot at the right angle with the right model, you will find yourself falling in love with consistent designs that you would like to have for your wedding. I called this your dream gown. My dream gown was very different from what people think I would like...My first dream gown was a low back in a chiffon material, with simple short train, and a spaghetti V-neckline. Now do I look good on that, only later I realised I only look good if I work real hard in toning my tummy and wear a four inch stilettos :) that's why I call this a dream gown...

  2. Next, ask yourself, what are your past collections of dresses that look good on you? Was it a empire silhouette, a halter neck with mermaid silhouette, bustier with A-Line silhouette etc. Most of us generally have a good feel what looks good on us. And go for those selections, because usually it will not go wrong. Even if it may not be your best silhouette, you can rest assured you would not hate it when the designers design such for you.

  3. Thirdly, always dare to try something different from your usual collections. For e.g. bustier gown is always safe for most bodies shape, so you may want to try out of the norm -an empire cut with slight tapered waistline. Contrary to many believe that empire cut does not show any figure and may make one looks fat or shapeless... I have seen many women including myself, looking sexy and feminine in such silhouette. Somehow with the right neckline and details, empire silhouette does make many ladies look good.. unless you are really skinny, and your bust line is very very, small... So you never know, you may discover a new silhouette that looks good on you..

  4. After you have tried what's usually good on you, and what's unique, then ask yourself, what kind of details attract you, embroidery, laces, sequence, or crystals applications. coloured details. long or short train/veil etc etc.. and tell those details to the designer.. so they know what draws you... but at the same time, give them the space to recommend what they think may look good on you.. and explore the options together.

  5. Finally, learn to go with your heart. I always tell my bride, if after you walk out of the shop, and you don't remember the gown you wore earlier, then none of that is what you want. Choose that gown or design that kept you pondering and thinking.. most likely you have begun to fall in love with that gown..

With the above tips, it clearly tells you that you don't need to shop for days for a wedding gown, take half a day off, and schedule those boutiques you want to visit, and trust me by the end of the third or fourth shops, you know what you want.. and it's that simple..

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spending time with Granny...

One part of me working on another wedding theme.. one part of me glancing at my granny to make sure she rest well.. Looking at her brings an inner peace and serenity... Strangely, as long I am with Granny, my pile of workload seems to be cleared pretty fast.. and inspirations seem to come easily.. Maybe this is what we called "Secured and blissed in the love of your beloved..."

I only wish Granny can witness my wedding.. and that day I know she will be most happy...

Like this little girl, may my desires be like wings of prayers that reaches the Heaven...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

First wedding ever held in Cafe Del Mar

God is so good... almost every wedding, I can't help to pray for good weather.. and today's wedding, a good weather is definitely necessary. An outdoor wedding ceremony at a pretty cool new place - Cafe Del Mar - Siloso Beach... clear blue sky, warm tho, but even Kelvin, our photographer admitted the weather was perfect for the great shot. When I saw his shots later this evening, I was so happy.. and I told him, let's aim to be featured in one of the magazines...

I woke up at six this morning, reached the venue at 8.00am, and the place was slowly transformed into a pretty place... and oh how I love the view. I can't wait to post the pictures for all of you to take a look..
And then later that day, we have a dessert party at Harbour Queen yacht. No serious formal dinner, but just desserts, and more desserts.. Simply unique but cozy...
Love the desserts spread.. and it was one ride I enjoyed.. no fuss over the programmes, but simple enjoyed one another's presence. The dance floor was slowly transformed to a Pictionary Game Station. Everyone crowded around as the emcee led games with different teams. It was unlike any other wedding, it was like a school reunion where everyone just basically celebrated and hanged out to rekindle the old loss childhood times.. I can't help but smile... Who says weddings need to be so structured.. it can be just friends hanging out together..

I love such weddings.. simply having fun.. can't wait to see my next theme wedding - Country Victorian at Changi Cottage... I can't wait to see another creation...
God, thank you for allowing me to simply enjoy being a guest other than a planner...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Be selective in whom you want to serve

I pondered for a long while whether to write abt how I felt tonight.. and finally I realised blogging is revealing the truth within, so that all may learn and experience what has been encountered. Hence, I am going to share one true experience of some woes of being a wedding planner.

Tonight, I ended my day pretty lousy...
I have been very busy trying to get ready for the coming wedding, and yet at the same time, have been following up patiently for a long overdue payment from my ex-client on behalf of a videographer for almost a year.. Long story, basically a work done, and payment was not paid until a year later i.e. this week.

The next I knew, a sms came today after the payment was received, stating the video was not working. I was surprised, because personally whenever a project is delivered by our partner, we would have that tested many times.. and besides, this was one video I love. In the end, my videographer has to dig out the raw files that was one year ago.. and reduplicate one set for my client complimentary. I felt bad for my videographer, and I pondered for a long while.. Who's fault was it really???

As professional wedding planner, our role is to recommend the right expert for a job and to ensure whoever we recommend, our couple will eventually be pleased with their works. We took pride in what we do, and in partners whom we commend and work with.
To me, ensuring quality work is what I stress myself on. And when I knew a quality work is done, and yet clients claim otherwise, I am weary because to me, the whole consultation and planning chain is been sabotaged.

Over the years, I have experienced and heard of stories of how clients can sometimes be manipulative and take the advantages of wedding planners' roles as middle agent. I somehow wish an association is setup to protect professionals like us..
One lesson I am definitely forced to learn after all these years : Choose your client, and those whom you want to work, it's no longer abt making money, it's about pursuing your passion and creations with people whom you enjoy and believe in you...
And that's certainly one fundamental I will treasure to remember in my growth as an entrepreneur.