Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am amazed by my couples all the time....

Today, I woke up having a sore throat... and knew ahead of me, it was another hectic I went abt running the errands, I received a call from Chin Seng, a groom I last served, told me he would drop by to pass me something. Next I knew I received a gift from my couple, a gesture of their appreciation to me as their planner.

I looked back and was amazed. Iris & Chin Seng is one couple that never fails to amaze me. They were the first couple that was more concern whether I would be comfortable working with them as well as planning their wedding, than whether I was the right planner for them. Throughout the planning journey, whenever I fell sick, I got loads of sms and email expressing their care and regards. At times, I did feel I was overly complimented for my works than what I have deserved.
At the end of their wedding, I was happy. Their guests were more spontaneous and fun than I ever imagined. Who say local couple with traditional guests cannot have fun.. Every guest turned up early for the banquet, we began our celebration at 7.40pm, contrary to many beliefs that Chinese weddings would always start late. I saw Iris' Dad sings, the old and young guests enjoyed the bubble blowing.. and finally, the couple relaxed and simply being themselves.
And I would never have guessed, Iris & Chin Seng actually called up every supplier they have in contact with, and thanked them personally.

I looked back, Iris & Chin Seng poured love and sincere care for others, and in the end, all are happy to be a part of their celebration.. I have guests coming to me at the end of the event saying they have found this wedding different and fun, ... and all I can say, is the wedding is a reflection of the host more than the planner.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Can't wait to see my new office...

This past one week was a hectic week.. just finished all my Oct weddings, and just enough time for us to prepare the office shift. And since it is a new place, I am even more meticulous in the way I designed the office... I suppose the saying was right.. Artists sometimes stress over working for their own properties more than working for their clients....

I spent much time with my designers and team, choosing colour, materials, choosing how the layout should be in that limited space we have... from an initial small budget for renovations, I ended up spending double of that.. hopefully not tripled... but I knew myself too well.. I would end up spending more unnecessary nitty gritty accessories...

But despite the price, I do love to shop for my own... it's like building your dream place.. and making it yr own and one that you love to be in everyday...This time, the interior is completely different from our usual corporate identity... quite different from my typical neutral tones of shades

The more I think of it, the more I feel the new showroom reflects both extreme characteristics of a woman, pretty vs passionate... dainty vs sophisticated..
haha.. you must be wondering how the showroom is like.. let's wait and see...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great weddings, great couples, great audiences.

I have just finished planning 4 weddings in 2 weeks.. yes, it's crazy but I have to say Oct is my best month so far in 2007. I have the best wedding concepts, great couples, and great audiences.
Tho, in the mist of it, I suffered a chronic pain at my back, and I thought it was a slip disc, thank God it was not, but a serious reminder I need to take good care of my health besides planning for others' dream weddings.

Last night, we have another great couple. We have cabaret dancers in sexy costumes and moves, intriguing magician, amazing band, and great ambience and concept in enchanted One Rochester. Steve Thio wants to feature this wedding even before he sees the pictures. in fact, for all my past 4 weddings, we have enjoyed each of the weddings, even the venue owners and banquet team too have enjoyed serving the couples.

Our couples were really sweet and they took efforts to ensure suppliers are well taken care of, Every one of them was so willing to allow me to explore crazy ideas with them. and best of all, I have never witnessed such a spontaneous crowd in all 4 weddings. It was like watching 4 fabulous movies.
We have Korean and Chinese couple with Hokkien relatives and Korean in laws. We have Karaoke lovers relatives, we have famous singers of the old times... every one of the weddings, I saw guests can't wait to grab the stage and mikes. Korean Opera, Hokkien oldies, Westlife songs, sixties songs in Chinese, Latin Jazz and Blues.. disco dancing, you name it, we witnessed all that in Oct weddings... I can't wait to see all the pictures..

And I believe they will be great pictures.. because the crowd was real.. and the guests celebrated their love with the couples. That is what weddings are all about, enjoy, celebrate and no stress..
afterall, you have done yr part of planning, the rest of it is to simply enjoy...
And as a planner, I have enjoyed thoroughly, got to dance for once in the last night wedding. I should learn from Colin Cowie, he basically drinks and dances as part of the guests in all the weddings he planned...

Now I will be busy with office shifting and designing.. and before I know, I will be off to US and discover what is happening on the otherside of the World...
and back again in Dec, for a crazy Wedding month.. my prayer is simple : May I enjoy every wedding in Dec like the ones I have enjoyed in Oct.

I am sure I will... I choose to believe from now on, all my couples will be great couples to work with, and all my concepts will be amazingly creative and unbelievable fun.... I will inspire more planners and couples out there to make weddings real and stress free... ok time for a good lunch.. ttyl

An accurate review of myself

was busy planning weddings, not realising I was featured in one of the magazines - Bride De Jour, a new and upmarket wedding magazine.. a replacement of Luxx Weddings.
When my colleague first read the article, she called me urgently and said "Hannah, I think the magazine has spelt the company wrong.. they wrote "Hannah's Gift" instead of "Heaven's Gift".

The first reaction I thought was, it couldn't be, Editor Ruchira is a very meticulous person, she couldn't have missed that error.. so finally I got a chance to read the article.. and I have to thank Ruchira, this is the most accurate write up abt myself, the way I think and operate and the weddings I have done among the writeup I have seen.

And she is right to title the article "Hannah's Gift". Indeed, the article wrote more abt who I was before wedding planning,what caused me the change, and my philosophy in managing business in this industry. The article was like a summary of my journey and I was reminded of His grace.. It reminded me again... "Let Go, enjoy it and Let God".
I learnt to enjoy this tremendous journey... and the journey ahead is getting more and more exciting...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

4 more days to go...

Last weekend, I really shopped a lot, bought couple of dresses, accessories and best of all, a super huge luggage.. preparing for my trip to US. I spent a bomb that's all I know.Went up dinner with my sis, and was asked how I would be celebrating my birthday... never thot of that, planner like me hardly plans for my own.. or rather hates to plan for your own events.
This time, I wanted to simply celebrate with my family... but realised my granny is handicapped so not so easy to move abt.. so decided to hold it at my office... and eventually I decided to invite my tenant partner, then some friends and before I knew, it became a party more than I have intended.. but felt different this yr, invite couple of friends whose birthday is in the same week.. and it's pretty cool to celebrate with friends that have their birthdays around yrs..
I started calling the caterer, deciding the menu, booking the cake chef etc etc.. and somehow I realised, I do dislike planning for my own... I suppose you wish you could just relax and not worry abt the logistics, esp u just want to enjoy...

On the other hand, I do look forward to it.. afterall I am celebrating my special day with people I love and enjoy being with... hmm... I am going to be 34... aging each day...hopefully gracefully :)