Thursday, November 22, 2007

A to Z of Putting GO back into Goals

Since I could not sleep, just touched ground in Singapore, and beginning to experience Jet lag...
Wanted to share this with all of you, as I was refreshed by Jacques Weisel's session in the conference: A to Z of Putting the GO Back Into Goals :'

A : Goals have to be achievable
B: Goals have to believable to you
C : Goals have to be conceivable, visualise, set the date and go for it
D : Goals have to be desirable.
E : Enthusiasm is the key to achieving goals
F : This is a good one.. Forgive yourself and others.. do not be hard to yourself or others
G : Learn to golly.. let go and laugh it off
H : U don't become Happy, you are Happy
I : Be an Icon, don't be afraid to be different, move beyond what people's think of you
J : Join an Association, networking not thinking "what's in it for me" rather "what can I do for you". People who do the latter apparently stay 6.5 yrs longer
K : Kick old habit, kindle propelity
L : Listen, we're busy listening to ourselves, we fail to listen to others.
M : Motivation, know why you are getting up everyday
N : Nil Forbia. The only place that negatives belong is the photograph shop, not your mind, so flee from negatives
O : Embrace Obstacles. Anything that does not kill us strengthen us
P : PMS - Post Mentality Syndrome, get rid of that
Q : Quantity and qualify what you want.
R : Referrals, referrals, referrals
S : Set short range goals for long term goals
T : Train, train train. Stay fresh and be refreshed
U : Ultra-diamrynthmn is giving yourself a break every 90-120 min. The mind gets restless at that time so is normal for you to feel not good.. so take a break, have kit kat
V : Victory becomes a daily occurrence if you believe it
W : Worry is the interest paid of a loan you never take up, so stop worrying
X : Xtraordinary. Be happy what you have, you can do extraordinary works within what you own or possess
Y : You'll receive the right portion according to what you are made or born with
Z : Zero or Hero depends on how you approach it mentally

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am so inspired!!!

I am currently in New York... in my cozy hotel typing a new post.. it has been a long while since I updated my blog.. sorry guys I was busy shifting office, and off my trip to US - Orlando & New York.

I had a great wedding planners conference in Orlando.. and so much I have learnt just observing the folks there.. and of course meeting up with David Tuttera was a bonus.. short 2 hours with him inspired me more than I have acquired in past years. I remembered when he asked who travelled the furthest to this conference? I shouted me, from Singapore... He was surprised, because indeed we travelled long to see him and learn from these gurus.
He makes me feel that I am not alone after all in how I felt as a wedding planner...And he is a genius!!! As a planner, one thing I have decided is I would not plan my own wedding, I just want to have fun.. and seeing him, I have a secret craving : won't it be great if David would plan my wedding.. :)
Most of the things shared by some of the speakers were not new.. but it's the attitudes and motivation that were behind them that inspired me. Being with them makes me feel I am so fortunate to be in the wedding industry.. and being with them makes me realise I am normal, learning to let go, enjoy the journey and create the most amazing weddings we have ever imagined..
Few things I would like to share with all...from this conference that bless my heart..
  1. If you are not the love of your life, there’s no love in your life, so love yourself. You deserve it!
  2. Don’t let negatives sit in you.. the only place that negatives belong is the photography shop, not in your mind.
  3. Give yourself 15 min a day for “why I love me” time. So many of us are so busy planning other's beautiful moments, that we forget to create beautiful moments for ourselves.
  4. Worry is the interest paid of a loan you never take up.. so story worrying. Business will roll as we believe in ourselves and the future.
  5. To the World you may be 1 person, but to that 1 person (our brides), you are the world. So be proud of yourself as the planner.

I have to say the Americans are great marketeers not so much of them knowing how to put their products out there for customers to grab, but rather they understood the human emotions, the experiences one is looking for, and they create services and products that meet those needs and emotions, which is genius...

I went Disneyland, Universal Studio, Toy'R'Us, M&M store.. I felt like a princess and a child in each of the venues.. I wanted to stay and grab everything I saw in there... the performance, the mascots, the parade, the fireworks.. all of them make me feel like a child again.. what can I say.. they know how to bring out the best emotions within us.. and to me, that is an inspiration..