Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just love cookies & candies

Just got this picture from Eng Hong from39east.
I am in the current craze for creating cookies and candies corners, or rather I was.

Something I felt guests will enjoy and love the thrill of rekindling their love for old time favourites. Have done 3 of such concepts, but 3 very different feel... so when all the pictures are out.. you will get a glimpse of it. All these are so unique and it challenges me to make every one of them so different, and each concept that reflects my couple.
My colleague asked, so are we having cookies corner again for June weddings.. I said, no more, it's time to move on, because I just like the thrill to do something different and be the first to do so in Singapore, and I am certain it's time to move on, good things are treasured when they are limited.
And this is my first creation for Joelle & Jos wedding - 1920s vintage charm

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have the best PR Director...

Last week passed me by so fast. Was busy preparing a wedding for 12 April (that was yesterday). Imagine having yr dinner under the trees in Shang Island Ballroom. can't wait to see the pictures..

Ok I was deviating from what I wanted to share. I received an email from Business Times, they wanted to interview me regarding wedding trends in Singapore. Last wed, I had my interview, and was noted that I was the last planner to be interviewed. As usual, I was simply myself enjoying the interview process, tho I must admit I was pretty tired due to major setup on coming wedding. Strangely next day, I received an sms from the journalist : Hannah, do you mind if we change the angle of the article.. we decided to do a featured story of you, my editor felt it was interesting to feature you.
This news came unexpected and was a pleasant surprise for me.
In the midst of busying, preparing other's weddings, God has been good preparing my PR direction. Attached is the link of what Business Times has written abt me.
http://www.asiaone.com/Just+Woman/About+Me/Marketing+Series/Story/A1Story20080414-59675.html- Becoming a Wedding Planner.

I was reflecting, in the short span of last 4 years plus, I have not spent much time nor funds on advertising nor PR management, and yet, I have been very fortunate to be featured in many different medias, and our weddings were fortunate to be featured in some magazines. Many asked how did you reach those journalists.. I smiled : I never look for them, they came to me.. and now looking back, I was reminded.. it's really not coincidence, it's divine.. God has been my best PR director, every move, every coverage was predestined by Him.. and I am grateful. Heaven's Gift is truly a gift of His love and provision to me. Thank you Lord.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We grow as an industry

Today is an interesting and fruitful day. I started the day meeting Kuang from 39est ,simply chatted since he just returned from his wedding in Arizona...
Later some of us planners gathered together to have dinner.. Initiated by Esta from Truly Harmony. Despite I was actually really busy, I decided I should make time to join such community.. and I come back refreshed.

In the past, it would be a strange thing if planners gathered.in fact players in Singapore wedding industry are often close up, afraid someone would come and steal the ideas for another. But time has changed.. those who are open often are those whom you can trust to share and build the industry. I am so fortunate to have met so some of them, from photographers to planners to florists, designers etc..

For brides out there, when choosing your vendors for your wedding, look out for suppliers whose work are tested and proven. But at the same time, be weary of those that bad mouth the others in the industry. You will know who you can trust by your gut feel.. and always follow your heart when choosing your vendors, it will not go wrong..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Often, is the simple things in life that makes a wedding beautiful...

Ead showed me some pix he took when he attended Kuang & Juli's wedding.. Yes Chi Kuang from 39east, our great photographer... http://eadwine.livejournal.com/tag/weddingpics
Kuang did tell me he's not wearing a suit for his wedding, and it's a simple celebration at the house backyard..

And when I saw the pictures, I was so happy, he truly stands up for what he believes.. And I have to say I love the pictures, I love the setup, so simple and so pretty and real. You can tell they are in love, and everyone is having fun.
Not much elaborate setup, but some lanterns, and flowers in vases, but loads of intimate moments with their loved ones.. I just love those shots.
It once again reminded me, simple things in life makes a wedding beautiful...