Thursday, May 29, 2008

My joys & woes as a wedding planner...

These few days have been raining unexpectedly almost like a thunderstorm. And I will be having an semi outdoor wedding in couple of hours. Tomorrow's wedding is for a charming British couple who has a great sense of humour and whom I have enjoyed working with greatly. I woke up early this morning after hearing the thunders, and I was praying real hard "Oh God, pls don't let it rain, my poor lighting guy are climbing up the trees to hang up fairy lights for tomorrow's wedding. And beside, this couple is so so so sweet... early today, I went down to look at the setup, and as usual, my vendors and partners were so supportive despite the rain, the ants on the trees and the slippery grounds. They waited for my approval before they could call a day off.

That's why I always tell my couple : Pls trust us, Hannah is more meticulous than what you can imagine.. but often I learn to give my partners space.. after all, everyone wants to be happy doing a job. My joy as a planner is I get to create interesting weddings, and I am supported with tremendous gracious and generous suppliers who have become valuable partners. If you ask any of my suppliers, they will tell you Hannah knows what she is doing, and she is precise to what she asks.
On the other hand, as an artist, I do often get weary when I have to justify to my couple of my vendor selections, why I insist the way I approach in my planning, how I have envisioned the end product to be (despite they can't feel it for the moment).. and patiently waiting to the event day where all finally get to see what I have envisioned. The journey is often painful.. and every time, this long journey forces me to eventually decide whose wedding I want to plan . I know it may sound obnoxious.. but that's my woes as a planner.

I suppose every artist has his or her fair share of joys and woes.. and I just have to keep telling myself.. let the joy of creating beautiful weddings override all my woes. To me, a wedding reflects who my couple is, as well as how much Hannah and team have enjoyed in that wedding. I will say to all who wants to consider engaging a wedding planner, a designer, or a photographer etc for their wedding... do trust the people whom you have selected.. a true artist takes pride in showcasing his /her works, and desires to see his clients happy in receiving it.
Ok, enough thoughts for today... when I look up to Heaven, I find a new strength to press on..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

These pictures make my day!!

Ead dropped by today to pass me some pictures, and a simple cute remark he made (I paraphrased) "Hey, you designed a big wedding last week, shot by KC... how come I do not get to shoot such setup, so jealous...."

Sorry Ead, photographers are chosen by couples.. but I am certain you are in my preferred list of photographers.. so don't worry, you will get that opportunity...
I went quickly to check on the pictures taken by KC in his blog... and I have to say, those pictures made my day. And to large extent, I do love details shot.. and contrary to what local photographers' feel, details shot does further show the capabilities of one photographer from another..Billions of dollars are spent globally on good wedding details and lots of magazines and editorial publishers spent time to search for these... Besides, couple spent so much on these, which separate their wedding from another.
I will conclude, whether it is detail or people shots, all these make up a beautiful wedding, so fair share of emphasis should be put on it.. my 2 cents worth.
Enjoy these pictures from KC from Grey Matters

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sick but happy...

Finally I regained my voice. Have been sick for almost 2 weeks. Just had one huge wedding setup last Sat.. one wedding which I could not wait to see it expressed to the fullest according to what I have envisioned. (Tell you more once the pictures are ready)

The long hours of staying awake for the setup did make me wonder how did I make it through each event. I can only thank God I have great partners, and team to keep the dream going. I totally lost my voice after that wedding.. but it was one setup that urges me to create another wedding of such scale almost immediately. My only regret was I did not get to take some posed shots of my team with the Cherry Blossom Trees..yes, yes..I do love to pose with my details. :)

It was such a joy to see guests taking pictures again and again with each of the details..I laughed, somehow the Cherry Blossom Tree created on stage glowed so beautifully. I really wished I could bring that stage back home. Thanks much to Brenda & team from Fiore Dorato and my lightings crew who supported me to deliver the concept so perfectly. I can't wait to show you a glimpse of it, so here's one poor shot taken by me. Look out for more abt this wedding in my upcoming website.
I am glad my voice is back. Am invited to do a talk with the Ngee Ann Poly tomorrow... seems so much on my plates.. but I know all will be well.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Garden Wedding..

Saw the pictures from Ead, and love the shots. He's definitely getting better and better...
and this was one wedding, where concept was thought 8 months prior to the wedding, and it was one wedding I can't wait to see my concept fully developed into deliverables.
Cookies corner, dining under the tree.. and most of all, a celebration that God is remembered thru out the wedding...
So enjoy these shots taken by Ead :
Couple : Shuming & Edmund
Venue : Shangri-la

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Love is in the air

I just got the pictures for the last Garden Wedding at Shang, imagine dining under the trees of lilies. . can't wait to show all of you more of the upcoming wedding designs, look out for my new website..

Here's a peep at it... Shuming & Edmund smiling beautifully at each other. There's truly love in the air, at the end of the day, that's what I long to see at each wedding... the love my couple has with each other, and the joy they shared under our creations..

Friday, May 2, 2008

The true meaning of wedding...

Yesterday was labour day, and I was planning for the wedding of Keon & Faith. I have to say I am very blessed planning the wedding. They came to me 7 weeks before their wedding, wanting something different and Keon was sweet, he granted Faith's desire to get a wedding planner, tho to them, having such a large group of church friends who can assist, getting a planner is unthought of for many.. but I am glad they did. Faith is always so trusting, and allowing me to do what I thought best reflected both of them. Despite all the comments they could get from their friends, they trusted their planner. And the more they do that, the more I want to ensure they have the best for their wedding. Finally, when I saw their smiles esp Faith's as she marched into the ballroom, and how happy and relaxed they were, I rejoiced. When she held my hand and said, "Hannah, thank you.. I really loved what was created...", "It's my pleasure.." I replied and I meant every single word.

It was also one wedding that I actually teared when I heard Keon's speech. He allowed me to realise how appreciative we should be to God, to our family as well as people around us. We may want the best aesthetics for a wedding, we may want everyone to wow at the decor, or the special details we created for our guests.. but ultimately what touches the guests' hearts is the essence of celebration. Wedding is all about how a couple has found each other, it's all about how God has orchestrated the union of one man and one woman, so differently but so matched for each other. It's about celebrating the union with yr loved ones, it's about appreciating people whom you love and whom you want to rejoice with. Finally, wedding is a celebration, not a showcase, once again, this thought echoes so much deeper in my mind..