Monday, August 18, 2008

An unexpected email from my bride....

I was just checking email on my off day.. and I received an unexpected email that ends my today with great joy...
"Hannah...I've been looking at the wedding slideshow that Kuang made for us over and over again. I am reliving the wedding days. It has not been that long ago...just over a month...but I am already nostalgic. Looking at the pictures, some of the stress of the day comes back and so does the feeling of joy and fun we had throughout the events. It is only now sinking in - SO MANY people took the time to come to our wedding and give us their wishes. We are truly blessed. And the wedding would not have been possible without all your effort and commitment. It would have been impossible to find someone else to manage the wedding better than you did. I feel like getting married to Lois all over again. If that does happen, it goes without saying, you will be our wedding planner. :)" Nisha (my bride from the Indian wedding I planned this July)

It is so strange, this morning, her aunt just called me to assist one of the relatives for the coming Sat wedding requesting help, and now receiving an email from Nisha, did bring such joy that ends my today perfectly well...
Now looking back, I am so glad I took up this wedding...It was my first Indian wedding, and it changed my perspective of Indian weddings far from what I have been hearing. I heard so much horror stories from the industry about planning Indian weddings - poor payments, lots of demands, unfriendly relations etc etc.. yet my first Indian wedding has been a blessing to me...

I still remembered when Nisha first came to me, she was panicking with the last minutes details she had to look into it, and she never stopped sharing how much she loved our works.. I could still recalled telling her, can I meet your family first, to see what they are looking for.. (behind my mind, I was cautious having heard so much stories). Eventually, I took up the wedding, trusting that God has a purpose for me for every event. And I have never met such a generous family, who spent time, thoughts and efforts to ensure all the guests were well taken care of, from their accommodation, to transportation, to all special F&B arrangements (even their day to day diet, not forgetting an Indian wedding lasts a week), to even organising daily islands trips for all the overseas guests. I am just amazed.

The family trusted us more than I could ever imagined... I still remembered couple of times, Nisha uncle actually told his PA and some suppliers "You need to be able to work with our planner, Hannah. If she's not comfortable, we will review the arrangement. At the end of the day, she is the one directing the event" (I paraphrased the last sentence).

Honestly, to be able to receive such approval is an unexpected grace that the family has shown me. I don't claim to be the planner that knows it all, yet to be given such freedom and trust enables my team and I to express our works even more beautifully than what we can think of..We created an Indian wedding with a modern European twist. I suppose faith begets faith.. When someone trust you, you somehow shine under those wings of love. Once again, I love what I can get to do : Turning someone's dream into a reality...through the grace of my couples and by my beloved Father in Heaven.
P.S. Nisha & Lois, allow me to share your beautiful moments..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My brides, my friends....

Today, I received a small package from the mail, and when I opened up and saw the Hello Kitty stickers, I smiled, it was from one of my ex-brides, Nicole from Dec 07. She just started her hobby in accessories making, and she made a pair of ear rings for me... When I saw the way it was crafted, the colours, I was touched. Nicole has known me enough to create something I like.. Simple and Elegant. It was definitely something I would love to wear... and strangely ever since I designed her wedding, from someone who doesn't like Hello Kitty, I actually bought a Hello Kitty doll for myself from Japan. Amazing, isn't it...Somehow, over these past years, my brides have become my friends, and an influence to me as well.

As a planner, I am privileged to get close to the bride's dreams, her thoughts and sometimes her private life. And often, these relationships complete my role as a planner. Though I am a planner that consistently seek for creative ideas, unique setup, and beautiful details... it is not the creative works that made my day.. it was the friendship I have received over the years that help me to believe in what I do.

Last Mon, I had lunch with another bride, we were sharing and exchanging our thoughts.. I then realised I opened up so much about my life that I almost forgot I am the consultant :) Life is amazing, it's the people you meet and befriend that makes you who you are. And I am one of such for sure... I was talking to Hari and he was right to remind me : We may at times wonder why we meet certain clients... yet at the same time, when we received clients that are so unexpected, so thoughtful, so gracious... they do seize our wondering.. We thank God, we have the best job, to do what we love and what we believe in... and to even be blessed with friends in the midst of it, it was a precious gift from God.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wedding planners in Singapore

Last Thursday, there was an article about Singapore wedding planners. Somehow the journalist has written in an angle that made all the planners sound so candid.. twisted in her own angle of writing.. Nevertheless, I was also happy to see the faces that were appeared in the papers.
Most of them have become a friend and partner with us over the years. And to able to see all your partners gain a standing in this market makes you feel the industry has become more and more respected.

In the past, you won't get to hear a wedding planner promoting another... Everyone was cautious of everyone.. and yet the last 1-2 years, things have begun to change.. a group of us have realised each of us planner is different and unique, and we attract our own range of clienteles.
And instead of hiding from one another, we began to realise industry sharing is a great way of growth for each one of us, at the same time it is a motivation to see this industry grown to be more professional and respectable by many. The other good thing is our couples get to understand our roles better, and that helps us to serve them better and more effectively in accordance to the way wedding planning should be.

I was really happy.. today, when I received an email from Kim sharing some warning of scam email.. it was comforting.. because we no longer see ourselves as industry enemies.. but rather partners that will further motivate one another to grow and share..
I strongly believe that this will be the way the wedding industry will move towards in the coming future. And may the wedding planners path the way...