Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reminisce my past 4.5 years

It's strange.. last night I could not sleep... have been busy preparing for my online shop as well as the marketing activities for 2009.. and all of a sudden, the flash back memories of where I have begun 4 and 1/2 years ago appeared so vividly before my mind...

I remembered when I first started, I was a one man company. Always believed then I needed a showroom, a proper office, instead of following the rest just working from home.. Despite the caution of overheads, I followed my heart, because to me, I wanted a place where I could make my customers feel cosy at home, where the wedding ideas could be inspired from. Those days, I did everything from concepts, to designing to packaging and even to arranging the flowers, with the assistance of my part timers. That one man journey lasted for about 1.5 yr. Eventually, I built a team, and moved from a small service office, to now a little homely attic where many love.. I am amazed myself. I am grateful for all that He has given.

My assistant asked me today in one of our training, how did you start, were the wedding creations as pretty then. I laughed. In fact, if I really looked back, I was very fortunate. My first few couples' weddings I have planned were all inter-racial or expatriate weddings. I did not look for them, but they found me through my website. And just thru a simple phone call away, I was engaged by mere trust. My couples have given me the portfolio I could not have imagined today. From the very beginning, I met couples that were different, the weddings I planned have always been fun, spontaneous and intimate because of the couples I have. I have thus been inspired to make weddings the same for all my other couples.

Everyone might have thought that Hannah has started the business easy, having all these amazing couples. Yet what they did not see was the countless efforts I strive to make every wedding different. I was eager to learn, to create, I was looking for something different in each wedding, simply because I believe every wedding is a reflection of every couple I have.. and I want to make the wedding uniquely theirs, as much as I want it to reflect the creative part of Heaven's Gift. And last night all the flash back, just made me pause to thank God for all that He has done.

Today, as I was training my team, I learnt to share the experiences, to train a team that will have integrity in what they do, to be humble to serve, and to always be passionate to learn and create. Looking back, every time when I am in the office, I have not stopped working on something.. even at home, my mind is clicking.. but these days, I also learn that a rested mind will go a long way.. and that's something I have to remind myself and everyone I meet... work hard, play hard, and learn to rest as much... The journey is long.. but the rewards of discovery are many... so if you want to explore and step into the adventures of future, learn to take time and reminisce the moments... Someone up there wants to talk to you so that you can run as far as you desire to.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bali... a magical place

Just came back from Bali, and it has been a fruitful trip. In the past, I would feel the place was too religious and contrary to my faith. Yet these past few years of frequent visits, I grow to love this place. It is filled with beautiful people and amazing wonders. Below are some pictures I have taken over the years.
Now I understand why so many couples love to get married here. And Heaven's Gift will be launching Bali wedding packages for couples who simply want a simple intimate, no fuss destination wedding. And we make it affordable for you.

One change I do notice tho, 10 yrs ago, Bali was a place for the couples, the singles.. to date, Bali has become a family place. It was interesting to see couples bringing their children even their parents and rent a villa to stay. A great place for family retreat. I am considering for mine too..

I simply love Balinese kids... They are so lovely

It's time to relax, and away from the busy citylife

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am heading off to Bali...

I have been running back to back for weddings (too many last min weddings these days).. and still trying to keep my schedule of children worship ministry and my cell ministry.. inevitably I have not rested much these past 1 month...

Nevertheless, at the end of each wedding, when I received the thank you notes from my couples and esp from their parents, I know all has been well. It is always interesting to see the change from the first time I meet the parents in food tastings to the actual date of the weddings.. From their initial moments of uncertainty - "why my children want to hire a stranger as the planner" to the final realisation of the beautiful wedding details and moments shown on that day. This is something I am proud to be able to witness.

I just know I need to put my body to rest.. This week I will be in Bali to do some site visit and concept creations for a wedding... and I am really hope I get to slow down and get some time off..
Singapore life is becoming more and more hectic... and if we are not careful, we will be swept by the crazy pace, and forgetting to tell ourselves - Be healthy, and be happy, remember to take time to spend with your loved ones... and I am reminded : tomorrow, I must pay my granny a visit. oh Hannah.. you have so much to really need to slow down.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An interesting twist

We took some pictures of our last Safari wedding in Raffles Hotel.. yes, it was an interesting theme with a twist, no one expected that.. the final settings were better than what we even have expected.

The cutie beanies we have for our guests.. I just love the baby elephant...

The leafy wedding cake