Saturday, May 23, 2009

Children Birthday Parties

Just gotten the photos from Eadwine, and I always love his shots. This is our first children birthday party, but we have had great fun doing it. Have been leading children worship for so long, but never expected myself to be doing kids party, such an irony... and I believe more to come from now on. So enjoy these details as we have enjoyed creating them - DanDan's Safari. Jo sourced the hats, and we all love the customised balloons and I have fun decorating the place with my gals, and not forgetting my brother Chris.

I am so glad I have Joey to do this cake (a tree house with all the cutie animals). Joey, you are a genius... and I know you will be a great Pastry Chef after the Sydney training. And one thing the kids have greatest joy in : queuing up to exchange their goodies - even the mums were excited to choose for them.

See the smiles of the children, that made our day!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Social Events to come

May is an interesting month, I get to create events beyond weddings.. and I love the new change. We had a great wedding on 9 May for Amy & Bill.. great crowd, great fun, almost everyone was dancing, something the couple has not expected.. but something I am always looking forward to - i.e. to witness all guests having a great time esp on the dance floor.

On the same week, we were approached by a corporate event company to plan 2 gala dinners for one of the conferences. Who will ever thought of engaging a wedding planner to design the gala dinner for another event company. It was a business opportunity I have not expected, but it was a partnership I look forward to foster.

And yesterday, we planned our first children birthday party for my cell member's 6yr old son - Daniel. My entire team enjoyed this new change.. from designing the invitations, to the games, scoreboard, safari decorations, and even the goodies and gifts corner etc etc.. we can't wait to show you the pictures. And we have never expected our first enquiry to spark off on the same day of the event.. I looked back and am truly grateful that even in times like this : God remains faithful and will always be faithful.