Monday, August 31, 2009

My Dream for the Generation Y

Last night, I had a great time chatting with a friend of mine who is a lecturer in one tertiary institution. We were commenting how Generation Y differs much from our Generation X. Today I received an email from a NUS student, requesting for a face to face interview with them for a school project they wanted to do on Heaven's Gift. Interestingly she listed all the questions she wanted to ask of me, and ended with a note "It will be good if we can have the interview tomorrow or Wednesday..." that's 24 hours notice, and imagine the email was received during my off day;)

I was just reminded of last night conversation, and I was again not surprised at this instant - "want it quick, want it fast" mentality of Generation Y. Do not get me wrong, I don't detest Generation Y, in fact I marvelled and often inspired by this generation. I personally handle a group of them under my regularly church ministry, and I am often amazed of what they can do , and how creative and talented they can be. 2 weeks ago, I gave an assignment for my church youth to write a script for a stage performance, and within few hours, the script was created, my job was only to guide and inspire them to make the script more consolidated and meaningful. And within 2 rehearsals, the entire youth group came up with amazing dance steps, skit etc and it was a well done piece of performance. That's Generation Y. They can come up with an idea almost instantly and they could surprise you with their talents and inspirations. They believe much in themselves, what they can achieve, and they will strive to make it excellent for the very goal they want to achieve. They are resourceful, and have a mind of their own, they are not followers, they are leaders.

Yet, in the midst of such individuality and efficiency, they sometimes forget about patience, tolerance and perseverance. We have received many internship applications, and I often wish I could have the ability to coach every single of those applicants. However, in many of those job applicants' responses, I often sense a lack of willingness to wait, be disciplined and be perfected.

I was reminded how my past mentos have trained us. We were only allowed to be promoted to next step, when we learnt to master the first step.. and often till we were grateful of what we had, we were then given more opportunities. And today, I felt the need to share this part of my heartbeat. I was joking with my pal, I am reaching my forties in few years time, it is so scary.. and yet it is as intriguing because it is the age of achievement and fulfillment. You have grown to master a skill, and you have grown to be grateful of what you have. And at the same time, you know you need to impart to the new generation

So this may be "2 cents worth advice" for the Generation Y, as I know some of you will be reading this post, may this post inspires you to seek more, to humble yourself to relearn some of life steps, and to believe that you can be a great legacy to the next generation.

Generation Y
  1. Do learn to be quick to listen, and slow to speak. Learn to observe what your seniors behave, excel and be willing to listen to their advice. In the presence of counsel, there is wisdom

  2. Be bold to venture into the unknown, follow your heart and pursue your passion. But do it with an awared mind of the cost and consequences. Passion is not just about pursuing dreams, passion is being focus and persever till it becomes a part of you.

  3. Respect your elders - your grandparents, your parents, your teachers, your leaders, your bosses.. submission with humility is great gain. When you learn to make your elders successful, you learn to handle success in your life.

  4. Patience, Perseverance with Tolerance. No success comes easy, no success is made overnight, It is a life journey of learnings and relearnings.. So for now, learn to give others time to catch up with you, and learn to be gracious to others. At the same time, press on don't give up easily when you are stretched or tested.

  5. Finally, learn to let go. I was taught by my ex-boss, you only know you have become a Master when you are willing to let go the very thing that make you one. Sound "chim", but I only understood that much later. When you master a skill or talent, you take time to discipline and perfect it, until you are good at it. But how do you know you have become a Master of it? It is when you are no longer bothered by it, by the perfections, by what people say about you, by the fame or failure that comes with it, you know you have overcome, because you have learnt to let go. This is so true for myself too.. I only really grow when I learn to let go, and share with others.

So I look forward in 10 years time, the new generation of inspiring wedding planners and entrepreneurs.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Inspiration -Passion begets Passion

I just came back from a dinner with one of my couples.. Eugene & Fiona, a very laid back and a very sincere couple. I am always blessed to have met such down to earth clients. This meeting was the final concept meeting, allowing my couple to envision what the final wedding night will be liked with all the details. Ead joined me for this meeting to have a time with couple as well...

And somehow, our conversation evolves from concepts, to photography, to medical, to passion and life goals... it was an interesting but heart warming discussion. I was reminded passion begets passion just like fire begets fire. I came back excited, happy and I can't wait to see the wedding in its final totality.

I ponder as I am write this new post...this is the kind of life I want to live. I want to inspire others, I want to be inspired. There are not many chances when we meet people of same philosophy, and when we do, we wish we could linger longer.. because we often seek to find that gathering of new ideas, new inspiration and eventually find like-minded friends and co-workers.

Hmm... not sure how to end this post, but for now, I want to say I do love my job. As crazy and hectic as it can be at times, it is as adventurous, exciting and intriguing. I can' wait to be in HK.. it will be one learning experience I will remember for life. This year will pass by with more than I have ever asked or imagined.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Join us for the Movie Preview of "The Proposal" and visit us at GV Marina on 13 Aug, 7pm.

Yes, we will be showcasing our wedding works, together with our long time partners, Silhouette - the Atelier, 39 East Photography. So couples out there who are keen to know more about marriage proposal, planning your wedding, come and purchase this special preview tickets at GV Marina for 13 August (Gallery from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Preview Talk : 9.00pm-9.30pm. Movie Preview 9.30pm - 11.00pm) and we will certainly love to see you there.

It has been a long time since we last did a gallery, but somehow, the 6th year marks a new beginning into our next phase of growth. Looking back, I could still remember our first wedding workshop with Amanda Lee Weddings, 39 East Photography(then it was call Pentaserve Photography), Substance Films, Vividshots and Poppy Restaurant. And we were also priviledged to partner with Females Brides for couple of great wedding shows, including showcase of Vera Wang gowns.
Yes, it has been 6 years ago.. time truly flies..

Someone asked me "Hannah why are you entertaining the mainstream market, we always thought Heaven's Gift is targeting to niche market segment". I just laughed, in fact since the very beginning we have never really planned to target any market segment. Reflecting back, we started the business opening our arms to all customers (a rightful thing to do for new business), but somehow strangely, many of our couples that hired us were Inter-racial couples, expatriates, and couples who wanted a twist to conventional weddings. And we are so fortunate that all these years, our couples often come to us simply because they trust that we can deliver what they want, and their trust often amazes me. At the same time, deep down, I am also a heartlander, I want weddings to be as intimate as possible, more than just a showcase, more than just looking good. To me, a wedding is all about emotions and memories. To able to see your guests rush to the dance floor, enjoying the goodies corners we created, and we able to still tear for those exchange of vows, speeches.. that is true satisfaction. And the passion to share and educate more about wedding industry continues to burn within me, so here we are, you will see more of us in the coming years.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A reflection of past 5.5 yrs

Today, I received a note informing me that I was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Awards, and the voting for the awards is launched for the month of August. The voting will determine partially with the panel of judges to access who among the list of nominees are deserving entrepreneurs for the title.

I can't help but look back at all that we have grown over the last 5.5 years. It has been an exciting and a steep journey of discovery. From a one man company in a small serviced office at Maxwell House, we are now a team of five blessed with a two story cosy showroom and office space. But beyond the physical facade, I marvelled at how the Lord has led myself and my team to create weddings we have once dreamt of, to places where we can't imagine our works has ventured into.
Last week, I rededicated this business again to the Lord, with our fellow cell members who have witnessed how I began this business. We are now in a new phase of another level of growth. Honestly, I am unsure what's to come, and yet deep within, I am as excited and nervous as I have been 5 years ago. All the hard work and labour has now positioned us in a place that we are ready for more. As much as the uncertainties are unknown, the opportunities are intriguing..

When Pastor shared with me the word that she felt was rightful for me, I teared knowing that at the end of all things, the greatest blessing is the Lord.. and all that we have gained for the last 5 years were given freely by Him. Yes, many will say I am a different entrepreneur, I believe in destiny. I am not one who like to spiritualise everything, but I am one who have seen the works of my Creator, and I am fully conscious of who I am and who I will be in Him. I can only share with all who want a breakthrough in your business or career, "Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope." So tell ourselves our job is to live and give our best for the day, I need not worry of what's to come, because the very step of faith we take to live well for the day, will turn all our yesterdays a dream of happiness, and all our tomorrows a vision of hope. So be encouraged.. the future is unknown, but our future is in the hands of a known Almight God.