Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am on Twitter :)

Somehow when I am outstationed, I am more adventurous.. and today I decided to be on Twitter. As private as I can be, I am intrigued to explore all these much talked about communication channels.. It was strange no one register hananhchong for twitter.. so I am fortunate to own my name on it..
Looks like I will be having fun exploring this new tool..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am so inspired and motivated

I am supposed to be sleeping, but couldn't sleep, so much is going thru my mind as I recalled the learning I have today simply by just observing Colin Cowie walking thru the details prior to the launch of the The Mira hotel.

Even as I am penning down my thoughts in this new post, my mind is blank.. I can only say I stand in awe of someone whom I really respect and one who is really really good at what he does. Somehow today's experience brought joy and a new inspiration to my soul..

Many local vendors often wonder why Hannah & team is so particular about everything. I will spend time and visits to relook at printing of wedding stationery, floral arrangements created by the florists, retesting the lights by the lighting crew, rechecking at the table settings etc etc. and why our team will painstakingly checking on every details..
After today when I compared what we have done to what Colin & team have done .. we have so much, so much to learn...I tell myself I am not going to be shy of striving to be meticulous, to be a perfectionist. If you want to be good at what you are doing, you have to really work hard to be excellent in all that you do.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Y Generation that amazes me...

A week ago, I wrote about my dream for Generation Y, and these 2 days, I am inspired much by Generation Y. I came back from a farewell party 2 days ago. It was the party to send off Charissa (one of my ex-interns /youths) to London for her pursuit in fashion design studies. And I was very impressed and touched by every item that was presented on that day. She has learnt well and she is a very very creative lady... the overall decor, the table settings and the favours were pretty, simple and chic, and it's very her...

And we have one amazing cake chef among us, Joey, who created this Mickey Minnie Castle for her.. and it's all handmade.. and it's unbelievable. Charissa's dress was sewn by her friend, some of her gifts were handmade, including the bouquet she was carrying.. and the presentation performances by her friends were touching and creatively scripted..

Today, I came back from another dinner party for leaders, where some of our kids and youth performed an item b4 all leaders. It was one performance I initiated to be "The Producer", and yet I have to be honest, other than me guiding the youth in terms of the theme for the script, getting control in terms of logistics & overall planning, the rest of the works from the script, the dance, the props, were crafted by our youths. And it was one professional and creative performance.

I came back very recharged, very refreshed, very inspired as much as I was very very tired.. having to dance so much with the youths, knowing I am at least 2 times if not more, older than them. This is the Y Generation of my dream. I long to see the future history makers, fashion trends makers, and most of all, leaders of the next generation. I am thankful that God gives me a chance to be a part of this legacy, and it causes me to rethink my long term goal in life.. Yes, being able to lead and see how lives are transformed is the greatest privilege. and I don't want to lose the passion to continue to do that.