Saturday, May 22, 2010

One more week...

This week we were all swarmed.. I spent time setting up my mac, and getting my files all transferred from my old pc, since it was infected with virus and that was not good. And in one week's time, I will get to see one of the wedding creations we have designed and have dreamt for long. It is our first overseas assignment that has such extensive setup and construction, building approx 300sqm trellis along the coastline...You can imagine all the works we need to do..

Yes, it is the wedding in Seychelles. It is not a destination wedding, but rather an overseas assignment for us. We are privileged and honoured to be considered by a Seychellen couple to create their dream wedding. There were lots of works, tension and anxiety involved, after all, no one in Seychelles has ever hired a planner from overseas, and no one has done such extensive setup in Seychelles for a wedding. So I could understand their sentiments. And as anxious as they are, I am as excited to see.
This is also the first time, that our designs are deployed by local talents, and the control becomes so critical, it was stressful to manage the diverse standards. But I really want the asethetics to be well managed, in the end, we decided to bring our own floral team up. All I knew now is the Lord must go before us for this wedding, lots of challenges, lots of natural restictions, all the impossibilities but there's only one goal - we want to see it happen, we want to see the impossibilities become possible.

And in the midst of all the preparation and stress, something happened within my soul... something refreshes me from within.. I saw the vision of Heaven's Gift for next 7 years, and it got me really excited.. and I finally understood the joy of being loved... and there's so much I wish to share.. but the time is not right..
One day, all will be revealed, and for now I just need to be patient..

In His time, He will make all things beautiful. Thank you Lord for everything You have given me. Thank you thank you. Help me to continue to believe.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pls trust the experts

I have been awoken up at this hour, not by sweet dreams, but by an unexpected call from a client who felt we have changed our design concept which she did not approve. And after talking for 15 mins, then she realised she was not looking at the same drawings we were talking about. It was a mis-interpretation of hers, and best of all, she has not finished looking at the rest of the other drawings before she concluded her thoughts. SIGH....

Honestly I was very disappointed, more than furious. After all the precision, and the efforts we put in, sometimes clients still do not seem to believe in us. And the way we were questioned, I often wonder how long do we need to show others what we can do, before they can simply trust us.

Yes, it is granted that wedding is once in a life time affair, and most couples are anxious of the outcome. Yet I often wish the couples could realise, we are entrepreneurs and experts who are passionate in what we do, and who has built a brand that we believe in. We are humans who have emotions like anyone.. and as experts, we do hold the responsibility of delivering what we have committed..

Lord, give me the strength and patience to continue this journey of creations in the midst of disbelief, uncertainty and doubts,.. when I look at artists like Colin Cowie, David Tuttera & Preston Bailey, I was encouraged, they must have gone thru even more than what I did.. Teach me to be wise and continue to persever.