Friday, October 30, 2015

The journey of making a new wave...

I should be sleeping especially I have not slept for 24 hours. The constant thinking, and refining and working kinda take over me, and at the end of the day, my mind is even more active than my physical body. Had a long a church meeting, rushed home to get a concept proposal done for a last min event, when I have literally not slept since yesterday, and tomorrow I have to do a blood test.  Instead of resting, I am now reading my old blogs, and my very blog gives me a surge of energy that I really need now. A part of me is v tired, and a part of me is saying .... press on, bcos the walls of Jericho is about to fall.

And a voice within spoke : Hannah, this is the journey of making a new wave.
I pondered and wondered : so how do waves come about? So here is what I found.

As winds blow across the surface of the sea, they pass their energy to water particles, causing them to move. As the particles below are not moving this creates a circular motion within the water, the top of which we see as a wave. The faster the wind blows, the faster these waves get, and out at sea they begin to merge together and create several larger waves, collectively referred to as a swell. This swell causes the sea level in one area to be lower than another area, and so the swell begins to move to the lower part of the ocean. As the swell approaches the shore, the gradient of the beach causes the swell to rise vertically, creating steeper waves. When this height increases, the wave reaches a point where it can no longer support itself, and breaks. This is the point at which white foam is visible on the edge of the wave, and the optimum time to catch a wave. 


The above sounds so abstract but I was reminded : Hannah, this is exactly what is happening to you right now. You are going thru the formation of creating a new wave. It is strong, it is powerful and sometimes you are moving faster than you can imagine. Just as I thought I am going to breakdown, I believe I am already forming swells with the people around me... and we are creating a new surge of energy, and it is brewing, growing and seemingly breaking apart.  Just as we thought we no longer can support ourselves, the new wave is formed. And the vision is dawn!

Counting down 2.5 months, it is a wind that is beyond me, yet it is a powerful force that is carrying me.. I can't wait for Jan 19 to come.. bcos I am seriously waiting to see how this new wave of empowerment will be birthing forth, starting from myself, my team and eventually the community we are building.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A day in the life of a wedding planner in Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge.

This weekend is very special to every Singaporean, bcos it is the day we celebrate Singapore's independence for the last 50 yrs. While every one is celebrating at home, a team of us from Heaven's Gift Concierge, and our beloved partners were working really hard to create the magical wedding of a life time for our lovely couple who loves to travel.
At the end of the day, the party was a blast, and every process was an awesome experience. I think the enormous task to transform a ballroom in 3 hrs still amazes everyone and that fulfilment itself lingers. It has once again proven to us, that with precised planning and a great vision, all things are possible, bcos there is one leadership, one vision, one heart and one people!
And interestingly, the emcee of last night - Donna Daniels reminded me : Hannah , you must blog this experience, otherwise no one actually realises all the hard work. And I thought to myself : yes, I should do that, not for myself, but at least for the faithful team that has stood by me all these years.

For those who wonder about what we do, or who dream to be in our team, I want to say :          
Wedding planners are never never a glamorous vocation, but I must admit, it has been one lifetime experience that has changed my life, and many in our team. So here is a glimpse of what we do on the actual wedding day :

1150pm on 8 Aug outside St Regis hotel - Supervision begins
Our Operations Director - Kim Tay & our Wedding Specialist Max had arrived. This is their first time staying overnight to supervise an unloading. Usually I would be the one handling with my designer, but I decided it's time to let go and hand over the baton. Besides, our couple's wedding  schedule would start at 6am the next day.

1.00am on 9 Aug - Workers are trying their best to carry the customised props thru the narrow gate without damaging them 
The unloading begins. It is one extensive process. You would have assumed we have the ballroom to transform from midnight. But this was not the case. There was a lunch wedding in the same ballroom from 12pm to 3.30pm, and we were not allowed to unload the big props from the main hotel lobby. So everything was precisely cut into small parts to fit the narrow loading door of 1.8m via the fire escape route up to level 2 John Jacob Ballroom. Yes, it is unbelievable tedious job.

This is a replica of the Genghis Khan Status, which is especially meaningful to this wedding, bcos the father of the couple built this actual status in the country Mongolia. Yes, when I knew that, I said "Wow"

At 2.45am - We packed as much props in that small banquet storage room. I have to really say this : The support from St Regis Singapore is amazing and it is always a joy to have them as venue owner. I simply love to work with this hotel. Bcos they truly will stand by us. We would not have made it if we have no storage area to release to us. Those who know St Regis Hotel Singapore well, there is no function room at level 2 or besides the main ballroom, so literally we have to think out of the box to find hidden storage. God gave us a great team including St Regis Singapore to make this happen.

Can you imagine that's how we stack the customised props? All remain in tact despite the stacking.

Even the stage hidden corners are stacked with our panels for the 22m stage..
We really know how to think out of the box!

3am onwards, Floral arrangements began

7am we started to focus on the morning ceremony area. And it was one magical setup
We always love our trees... they are symbols of Heaven's Gift!

11.30am - Completed our Wedding Ceremony for our lovely couple

1.45pm - We finally had our lunch.
2.30pm - We have our final briefing with the banquet team.

3pm - every one was waiting at loading bay for the massive unloading and transformation await. I am one planner that is very particular about having seamless process and coordination with every vendor. No one is supposed to fight or conflict with each other as a result of rush time or limited space.

We have multiples floral and contractors companies, 1 sound & lights crew and all hired separate artists, following one direction to make things work. Once again, we believe - One Vision, One Heart!

3.30pm - Finally the lunch wedding before us was over, and we could begin our turn around.
It was a mad rush and crazy experience. I am glad we went thru this, bcos it taught us in the chaos of things, God still sits on the throne.
The previous wedding before us was using white linens, and our couple would be using bronze linens, yes the turnover begins, and some guests still refuse to leave :)

That's how fast St Regis Team works. I really love them!
The stage was torn down to make way for the 22m long X 6m high stage!
 4.00pm - The Stage panel was on its way up!
Finally at 4pm, we manage to get the stage panel laid down to be ready to put up
One, Two, Three Move.... One Two Three Move.... this project has almost 40 workers of the entire crew from contractors to planners.
Foyer Photo Backdrop begins, we are building our Love Cottage for the couple - their Carmel House
At 4.30pm, second group of contractors began the installation on the truss! This is the part I fear most, bcos it would prove if our calculation of our weight of all the flowers, crystals and fairylights can stay on the truss.
Even as planner, I at times don't sleep bcos I am dreaming of this setup process.

All the fairylights were personally ordered by myself to ensure it is as precise to my dream.
Yes, we don't leave even the little details to our contractors. Otherwise it will not be called our design. 

5.30pm - The Vision of our design is getting clearer into final deliverables.. I was literally counting down the clock

I am so proud of Nichelle, one of my designers. Her ability to detailing has leaped much. When the photographer and video crew from Moo Media asked me, so who designs the stage. My immediate response was : Of course, Heaven's Gift! We envision, we photoshop and the first artwork must come from us first! Then we tweaked with the contractors.
One cannot claims her works, if she is not involved. And yes, we are very involved in every stage of designing.
That's what concept planners are for, we don't just dream, we put feet to craft our dream!
6.45pm - While I am briefing the emcee, this was the first look...
My Groom walked in, and first words that came from his mouth was : Well done Hannah, I am Impressed!
The Main Gate to Nycky & Diane's Wonderland.

Even the men loves our photo booth! The Carmel House!
Guests can literally stand inside the house looking out thru the window
This is what I love best : Directing the final lightings to ensure my vision is perfected!
 And thank God for my faithful lightings and sound crew, they are my corner stones!

Groom's Dad is very happy, I bet he never expect our replica to be as real as his original. 

Our first time working with Donna Daniels, and she is such a spirited emcee.
cDonna, thank you for encouraging me to blog this experience

Finally our wedding cake - every tier was specifically crafted to what I have envisioned. A bit of Nycky & Diane, A bit of Singapore since it is National Day holiday, and a bit of all the places they have fall in love with.
Chef Joey completed this just before she flew out of Singapore.

So what have I learnt and appreciated  in this entire process?

  1. Nothing is impossible. When a leader has a vision, she has to perfect this vision to make it work for her teams i.e even those that are not her employees
  2. When a challenge is posed, or a desire is given to you, as a leader, you learn to take this challenge and internalise the process to make that dream come true, no matter how much trust the client may or may not give you.
  3. Believe in your team, bcos they can rise up to take up the leadership you have empowered them. Bcos they are not just managers, they are your next generation of leaders
  4. Don't give up perfecting your vision, even when no one sees what you see, you have already seen it. Hannah, you just need to press on!
  5. The above lessons are even more precious, bcos on National Day, I realise, some of the above principles apply to how Singapore was also built.
  6. Finally, one thing I will always remind myself : I am blessed bcos I have known a God that is always faithful, not once has He failed me. He brought me leaps and bounds beyond my wildest dreams. If I choose again to live one life, I will still choose to be Hannah Chong!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

When you know who is your soure of strength, you can leap in faith!

These 2 weeks are very unexpected. After having done 12 events, you thought you would be on your high, and then unexpectedly, I felt into a low of having to do so many things even when there is only 1 more event to go. Is this a sign for me to take a break?

But somehow something within me tells you, you just have to press forward.
Thank God for sending me passionate entrepreneurs who inspire and encourage me for last 1 week.
I always know He has all interest good for me.
This morning, I was about to submit an article that I have procrastinated for a week, nothing came out of me for a long time... and in my quiet moments with the Lord, interestingly the words came forth so beautifully, and in the end I wrote 2 articles instead.

And while I was writing, there were 2 background song that were playing that tugged my heart :

Good morning sunshine, where have you been
What took so long, it’s good to see you again
Good morning sunshine, you feel like a dream
I have been waiting for the promise you bring

It’s been a long time… good morning sunshine

Everyday you find a new way to open up my eyes
Mercy and grace shine down on my face
like sunlight from the sky

Good morning sunshine, where will you take me
There’s mountains to climb and so much to see
A new adventure is waiting ahead
I’m so excited just to get out of bed

Let’s see what we find… my sweet sunshine
Today is a new day, tomorrow’s behind us and 
we have been so blessed
Whatever’s before us, I know that with His help
we’ll surely pass any test
Good morning sunshine, good morning sunshine

I used to think that I’d be better off
If I could only know the end result
I used to ask you why, and hang my head and cry
As if you never catch me when I fall

Everyone’s afraid
When the winds start blowing
But they’re just winds of change

All I need to know
Is you’re in control
And you know just what to do
I don’t need to see
What I really need
Is a little more trust in you

It’s hard to face my fear and let it go
When these seeds of faith have turned to stone
If I could just believe, I’d throw this mountain to the sea
And on this path I never walk alone

Everyone’s afraid
When the wind starts blowing
But you’re always the same

I’m reaching out, take my hand
Savior please rescue me
I’ll make it through and follow you
And I will believe
All I can do is trust in you...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Renewing your vision is a daily step of faith!

These past few days I was actually pretty tired, especially after having realised we have actually done 12 events in last 1.5 months together with my team of planners and designers. Yes, it was crazy, and yet I marvelled at the fact God's empowerment in each of them. Do I desire to do another 12 events in another 1.5 months, my immediate answer is No.

However, this 1.5 month has taught me and Kim that nothing is really impossible if you really are determined and have faith to do each well. And true enough,  in every of the 12 events, we are blessed with success and achievements and most importantly the appreciation from the couples and families that matter most to us.  That's the only reason that keep us doing what we do.

Interestingly, I am reminded this morning by the Almighty that I did ever shared with my team, when Leap Inspire was launched 3 months ago, that we would go thru a steep learning of growth and empowerment, and when I now look back, I am comforted that the last 1.5 month was the process to sharpen us, to get us ready for the next big thing in the company - Leap Inspire Conference.

These 2 weeks, I started meeting up with the various partners and speakers for the conference. I am so happy I have met them. Bcos often when you are in the midst of busy doing your very own things, the faith and energy in like-minded people recharge you and make you focus on what you should really do. It is also funny, it is through like-minded people, they remind you about the principles you hold dearly when running the business. It was also thru them they reminded you : why you need to continue to do what you do best - to envision and set the pace for the next generation of leaders.

I was talking to Don from Nanyang, and David from Axioo on separate occasions past 1 week, and two things they have taught me and reminded me to continue :
  1. Hannah, you are doing the right thing. Don't stop, continue to believe, bcos God will empower you and the team that is meant to be under you.
  2. Hannah, you should start your blog again, bcos people want to hear true stories, real life examples as an entrepreneur. These days people dont write anymore, they only instagram. But life is not made up of just pictures, there are stories to be shared.
  3. Hannah, remember God has a bigger plan than what you assume, so don't retire, there are so much more you can do.
 It is so encouraging to hear from people who are passionate, but at the same time, godly, who understood life is really a journey of adventures that allowed us to learn to never give up, but to always move forward. These are the people I want to hang out with, bcos regardless of our achievements, life is more than that. And I am reminded of a quote that sets my foundation in all these decades : "Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope"

So having said all, this is our first video for our Vision for Leap Inspire :

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Birth of Leap Inspire - the Bold Voice of Hannah has once again spoken!

These days, I noticed whenever I blog, is often a result of what I observed in the market and what I wish I can change within my own means. And today is one such day.

Myself and my business partner, Kim Tay have been very busy since the beginning of the year. Amidst all the weddings and last min corporate events we are handling, we are also coaching a few of our partners on how to run their businesses. These past 2.5 years, I am so grateful that I have someone like Kim to share my thoughts, my vision and dream, and sometimes my own frustrations about being in the industry. But we both knew very well, we really love the industry. Over past 12 years (and for Kim, it is now her 14th year), we have grown in what we do, and we have also loved the industry more and more, amidst the fierce competitions and bad sentiments arising from the market.

Why do we love this industry - Special Events and Creative Retail industry?
We love simply because we have met real people - Artisans and entrepreneurs who actually gave up everything not because there's a lot of money in this industry, but simply bcos they do believe in what they do, and they are very passionate in what they do.
I used to be in the corporate life for a decade, and to have the same decade of experience in a wedding industry made me realised wedding artisans are very unique, and we are very special people. We do what we do, bcos we truly believe one day, our couples and our clients will embrace what we aspire to create and become. And to a large extent, many of us have somewhat achieved that.

Why we feel sad about this industry at the same time?
Like any industry, there is always competition , especially for an industry like a wedding industry, the entry of barrier is literally ZERO!! Everyone who has a camera can claim to be a photographer, anyone who can arrange flowers become a floral designer, everyone who does a mood board becomes a wedding planner, and anyone who can sketch or sew becomes a gown designer. Yet the main challenge about this intense competition is also very emotional, bcos like I said earlier, we are real people. When passionate people come together to compete, they don't compete by mere best deals or lowest quotation, they compete purely with their works. At least I can say majority of us do. Yet in recent years, both Kim and myself have also observed, both old and new players have also started to compromise the integrity of this competition, applying undercutting strategies and copycats are birthed.. and that to me is very very sad!!
Bcos if we continue to have this carried on, the industry will eventually made up of short term goal getters and not legendary visionaries. And literally I believe our future clients or couples will have NO RESPECT in what we do - WHY? Bcos we no longer believe in what we do! And we will have no pride in passing any legacy. It is almost like what Founder Lee Kuan Yew said in his time of leading the country : “My colleagues and I are of that generation of young men who went through the Second World War and the Japanese Occupation and emerged determined that no one–neither Japanese nor British–had the right to push and kick us around.  We determined that we could govern ourselves and bring up our children in a country where we can be proud to be self-respecting people.” 
I felt our Jap & British we have to fight is the wave of market changes and the uncertainty of the next generation of consumers/players, but our destiny is determined by our own governance of how we live our passion and pass on our legacy.

So what should we do now?
This is why after so many years, I decided to take a plunge and do the next leap - creating an Asian platform for creative entrepreneurs to seriously talk and maintain the integrity of the industry, and most importantly to grow our business respectfully (if I may use that word) and profitably. I was the first planner in Singapore to invest money travelling around the world since I have started my business.  I have had attended conferences after conferences and back then, I wished I have these people back home. I don't mean the American wedding planners are perfect, but I crave for the mutual sharing and integrity they protect for their industry. Everyone doesn't play poorly by the rules, bcos you will get sued if you ever do that :)

Leap Inspire was hence birthed in June 2014 (though the idea has been in discussion since Jan 2014), and we formally registered in Jan 2015. We decide to empower and groom the next generation of creative entrepreneurs towards excellence and success. we believe most of all, to cultivate in all creative entrepreneurs the right attitudes and attributes within ourselves if we truly want success and legacy for the next generation. 

Past few weeks, many players have written to us to applaud what we do, some made remarks : that we are doing a BOLD step, and HUGE endeavour". But with every email we received, this was our reply : "Thank you, we are not doing this because we can boast how well we do... bcos if there is the reason, we have better plans and projects to embark on. We do this, bcos we believe in the industry." Yes, the investment for this is HUGE, some have tried to do but failed. So we know the stake is actually very risky, but we took this step of faith to leap and invest much, bcos we really want to see a change of attitudes in the next generation of entrepreneurs, as well as a growth of more respect from the next generation of clients.

So will we succeed? I only believe in this : 
Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when you're gone.
It is what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you're here than then happens to live on" by Rasheed Oguniaru.

Monday, March 23, 2015

23 March 2015 - The Day we will all remember.

Just completed 2 wedding events last 2 days, and have been wondering why I am so stressed this time in a wedding, where the setup was basically pretty straight forward. And at 2am on 23 March, I finally got home after all the handover and tear down of the wedding, and then the hour of truth was dawned - the passing of our Great Founder - Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The entire mix of emotions from the joy of completing a beautiful wedding to the mourning of a beloved founder was overwhelming for me. And I finally teared....
It was the same emotions and processes I went through when my grandma passed on in 2008. She died just at a time when I was running 2 weddings back to back...  It was too much of everything at one time. I was devastated then and yet I needed to appear sober and in control in front of my wedding couples as I planned a beautiful wedding for each of them,. It was a week that I was really broken and humbled.
I can just imagined what is happening right now even at the heart of the Lee family... nothing can fully describe the loss they are facing while they still have to appear strong in the eyes of many.

I never get to meet Mr Lee face to face, I never get close enough to even shaking his hands or taking a snap shot of his appearance. But my heart was overwhelmed and saddened at this hour. I suppose I know why - I do not just lost a former Minister Mentor Lee, I actually lost the one who founded my identity as a Singaporean.

So as I mourn and remember this day, this is my humble tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Thank You for being who You are all these years,
 even when no one truly comprehends what You do even in tears.
Thank You for instilling in us with Your firmness
even when we fight within us in our indefiniteness.
Thank You for living a life with sure determination 
for this has marked the journey of our predestination.
Thank You most of all for simply loving us
so that We can continue to have faith and love in return..."

Giving tribute to the One and Only Founder that makes a difference in 
who I am , what I do, and how I think as a true breed Singaporean.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 - The year of Jubliee for Singapore, and the year of Leap of Faith for Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge!

Am staying at my parents' place today, and as usual my mind is always active. So now here I am blogging, just after sending a working file to couple's request.
I have 4 concepts to create these 2 weeks, amidst 2 corporate events to propose and plan, and honestly, I should be overwhelmed, but every time I put my brain into conceptualisation, I am always inspired and amazed at what the Lord puts into my mind.
He is really my source of Inspiration, and my greatest gift I have in life.

Just finished proposing a concept to my couple for Alkaff Mansion, and before even presenting that, I love it. These days, young couples have more conservative budget, and I still remembered when they first sent me an email, they listed the budget they have, they were not sure can I work within the budget. But you know something, the public may think Hannah can only create wow concepts only with extreme big budgets, and the irony is many do not aware that I have never started my business with clients that love to splurge or are millionaires. In fact, the very reason we are who we are today, is bcos I stretched ourselves to think out of the box, worked within our clients' needs and their assigned budget, and yet still achieve an impression they are proud to call their own, that's our ultimate success.
Only my team sees the backend work we do, and I am proud that our girls are very hands on, not loud but simply diligent and believe in the boss's visions.

The recent Winter Wonderland expressions we created for our lovely couple at Shangrila
even with conservative budget. One remark from couple : everyone felt so homely with our wedding.
But I am also very fortunate, for the past decade, I have couples who truly trusted me wholeheartedly. Over the past 11 years or more, our creative expressions that linger over a decade are often a result of creating for clients who empower me with their faith, and learn to let go of their control anxiety. You can almost ask every of our couples that I have worked with, Hannah does know what she is doing, pls trust her! Of course, over the years, I have also parted ways with couples who couldn't see eye to eye to what we do. Not many, less than 5 from what I remembered, and I came to conclude, is ok to let go, bcos if the deal is not meant for you, is better you let go. The source of inspiration grows from faith to faith and are never burdensome.

And I am grateful that I have a God who truly provides. My clients often ask me : Hannah, are you religious? And my reply is : Not religious, but thankful. Bcos my Lord provides me everything in my life, that if I will to say it is me and myself doing all the amazing stuff, I am lying. Sometimes when you hear my story, you will marvel at how good my Lord is. And yesterday was another good story to share.

Yesterday's afternoon, after giving a surprise birthday wish for my designer, I felt energised and ended doing something strange - I went for a test drive. Yes, I was tempted to upgrade my Mini, which I have bought 2 yrs plus ago. I still remembered when I bought my Clubman Hampton, I never even thought of changing my Swift, bcos once I like something, I don't like to change. But I was bored, so I told myself, maybe I should go for test drive and chill myself up. In the end, I discovered, I could pay a bit more, and I could get my limited edition Mini, with all the free upgrades. Life is so strange, I would never think my family would like a min with 3 doors passenger opening, but sis loves it, said it was spacious, so that's how I ended up with a Mini Clubman Hampton. Fit for me to carry my props around for events, and spacious for me when fetching parents around.
The little things God cares and provides.
But I never thought this would be one great story I could share. Only until yesterday, I went for test drive again for fun, and realised that these days, the government has set restrictions on the downpayment and the loan period.  Interestingly, the new change came just months after I bought my Hampton, and I was clueless about it. So when the sales man was calculating for me, he looked at me and smile : you sure you want to upgrade yr limited edition for just another mini? I laughed, ya you are right, I rather keep my limited edition Clubman Hampton.
So while I was walking back to my car, I looked at my little Hampton, as if I was looking at it for the first time, and I am grateful. God even knows when I should buy a car, which is nothing spiritual.
He knows Hannah loves limited editions, She needs a car that is concept car, and yet functional, and to top it off, the car has the logo "H" all over it. I kinda giggled within : Ok Lord, you do know me very well, and thank you for reminding me I am very blessed.

On my way back, can't help texting my business partner Kim and shared the story. We are few days to launch the next big thing what we are doing for the year of Jubilee. It has been in our hearts since we merge and the car testament was an assurance to remind us : We are blessed & He is watching, so whatever we do, we will do well, bcos no timing is coincidence. Every of our footsteps is ordered by the Lord, and I can't wait to share what we will be doing very very soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is your resolution in 2015? Before you say anything... read on!!

I notice every time I take time to blog, it is always a result of me waking up at wee hours and taking my phone and start reading all the inspirational posts of the day. And that was this post that titled : What have successful people in the world have in common?
And after reading that, I was comforted, bcos many of them wake up early, and consistently among everyone of them, they have a disciplined and consistent lifestyle - exercise, do what they love, spend time with family, and think BIG!

I've just registered our 3rd companies, or should I say the 4th. My buddies in the industry often asked me : Hannah, where do you get all the energy? I think the answer is simple : I believe life is journey to discover, and eventually lead you to where you are called to do. The business world is my calling. I am grateful that God has given me many mentors and opportunities since young, that I have learnt to create something out of nothing. My ex-bosses used to say : Hannah, you are a little chili padi, who spice up life! One who has a macro mind to envision, and yet have the skills to break down into small milestones for your team to fulfill the corporate goals. He called me : A consolidator. 
I never understood what he meant, until I setup on my own 12 yrs ago. But I always remembered what He said about me : "You always work so hard to achieve the things you want. Can I suggest : Work Smart, and Play Hard!" And I never forget that reminder.
My Beloved!
My extended family - people I can rely on!

Having stayed on my own for 9 months recently, I learnt many things in 2014 and I want to share to all my readers, esp the players in my industry few reminders : -
  1. Family is ultimately the most important, and time with them should Never Never compromised! I noticed, while I stayed on my own, I actually made more time for my loved ones. I learn to cook, and I organise more gatherings in the midst of my busyness. Bcos ultimately the purpose of your business, is to give you a lifestyle you could share with people you love. All work and no play makes Jack a poor man, and I mean literally emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Learn to give yourself space to be alone. Outwardly I am very independent, but the real Hannah inside loves company. Honestly, I think the only reason I am not married, is literally God teaching me to rely on Him totally, without reliance on others. These past 9 months, bcos I am alone at apt, I begin to enjoy my space - I learn about many things I actually enjoy doing:  - Cooking, Gardening and eventually Housekeeping! Yes, I think I can be pretty domestic.
  3. Don't procrastinate or Stop procrastination!One of my youth, Lisa used to call me "Auntie Hannah, you are a kickass career woman". Didn't like the nickname when first given, but now I laughed, yes I do make people move to the right directions they should be in. "Procrastination" is never a vocab I want to keep in my life. Now looking back at how Heaven's Gift, Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge,  Celebrate Heaven  and even our neighbouring partners - Greenpoint, and The Delights Heaven grow, I am thankful for every milestones achieved. Every second you live, you live to your best, bcos never assume time is on your side. This statement has been my life-principle :Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. AMEN
    The HW Family - Take a Leap of Faith,
    and Your Dreams will always come to pass!
  4. Laugh as much as you can, Love as long as you live! I kept a little photo of my Dad taken of me when I was really young, and I treasure the below pix dearly. It's me laughing so much that my eyes cant be seen, which has become a signature look. What all of us want at the end of all our pursuit , is to be able to love and laugh freely and genuinely. I think loving someone makes me humble to relearn the ropes of relationship all over again. Often I become very vulnerable, and yet I also realised, is ok to be vulnerable, bcos perfect love will cast out all fears. And this is one thing one should never trade with hardenedness and bitterness. 
    Laugh as much as you can!
  5. Finally, Contentment is Great Gain! When I first step into my little studio home, I was thinking : what a small little space. But I was also reminded by the Holy Spirit, that this place was a God-given gift, bcos 4 yrs ago, I never will have imagined how it will turn out to be liked. Every piece of furniture, every art piece has a story to tell. And I marvel each time I share the story with my pals. If God is not real, then who else is? And to Him I will not stop saying : Thank you for being the best husband!
    Who will expect God to wake you up in the wee hours even for painting shopping!
    Got this painting at the unexpected and precise timing He directs.
    Love it instantly when I saw this Coplu's Painting :
    "Bright Dreams Come from the Natural Minds"
So what is your resolution for 2015! I often heard people say : I don't make new year resolution, bcos etc etc.. but you know what, I challenge you to make one, and envision them come to pass. Stop all the excuses, bcos if I can do it, you definitely can!

And that is what we named our 4th business : Leap Inspire!
Take a leap of faith, Inspire and Be Inspired! Your life is the World & a Grand Big Canvas, so Paint it boldly!