Sunday, July 26, 2015

When you know who is your soure of strength, you can leap in faith!

These 2 weeks are very unexpected. After having done 12 events, you thought you would be on your high, and then unexpectedly, I felt into a low of having to do so many things even when there is only 1 more event to go. Is this a sign for me to take a break?

But somehow something within me tells you, you just have to press forward.
Thank God for sending me passionate entrepreneurs who inspire and encourage me for last 1 week.
I always know He has all interest good for me.
This morning, I was about to submit an article that I have procrastinated for a week, nothing came out of me for a long time... and in my quiet moments with the Lord, interestingly the words came forth so beautifully, and in the end I wrote 2 articles instead.

And while I was writing, there were 2 background song that were playing that tugged my heart :

Good morning sunshine, where have you been
What took so long, it’s good to see you again
Good morning sunshine, you feel like a dream
I have been waiting for the promise you bring

It’s been a long time… good morning sunshine

Everyday you find a new way to open up my eyes
Mercy and grace shine down on my face
like sunlight from the sky

Good morning sunshine, where will you take me
There’s mountains to climb and so much to see
A new adventure is waiting ahead
I’m so excited just to get out of bed

Let’s see what we find… my sweet sunshine
Today is a new day, tomorrow’s behind us and 
we have been so blessed
Whatever’s before us, I know that with His help
we’ll surely pass any test
Good morning sunshine, good morning sunshine

I used to think that I’d be better off
If I could only know the end result
I used to ask you why, and hang my head and cry
As if you never catch me when I fall

Everyone’s afraid
When the winds start blowing
But they’re just winds of change

All I need to know
Is you’re in control
And you know just what to do
I don’t need to see
What I really need
Is a little more trust in you

It’s hard to face my fear and let it go
When these seeds of faith have turned to stone
If I could just believe, I’d throw this mountain to the sea
And on this path I never walk alone

Everyone’s afraid
When the wind starts blowing
But you’re always the same

I’m reaching out, take my hand
Savior please rescue me
I’ll make it through and follow you
And I will believe
All I can do is trust in you...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Renewing your vision is a daily step of faith!

These past few days I was actually pretty tired, especially after having realised we have actually done 12 events in last 1.5 months together with my team of planners and designers. Yes, it was crazy, and yet I marvelled at the fact God's empowerment in each of them. Do I desire to do another 12 events in another 1.5 months, my immediate answer is No.

However, this 1.5 month has taught me and Kim that nothing is really impossible if you really are determined and have faith to do each well. And true enough,  in every of the 12 events, we are blessed with success and achievements and most importantly the appreciation from the couples and families that matter most to us.  That's the only reason that keep us doing what we do.

Interestingly, I am reminded this morning by the Almighty that I did ever shared with my team, when Leap Inspire was launched 3 months ago, that we would go thru a steep learning of growth and empowerment, and when I now look back, I am comforted that the last 1.5 month was the process to sharpen us, to get us ready for the next big thing in the company - Leap Inspire Conference.

These 2 weeks, I started meeting up with the various partners and speakers for the conference. I am so happy I have met them. Bcos often when you are in the midst of busy doing your very own things, the faith and energy in like-minded people recharge you and make you focus on what you should really do. It is also funny, it is through like-minded people, they remind you about the principles you hold dearly when running the business. It was also thru them they reminded you : why you need to continue to do what you do best - to envision and set the pace for the next generation of leaders.

I was talking to Don from Nanyang, and David from Axioo on separate occasions past 1 week, and two things they have taught me and reminded me to continue :
  1. Hannah, you are doing the right thing. Don't stop, continue to believe, bcos God will empower you and the team that is meant to be under you.
  2. Hannah, you should start your blog again, bcos people want to hear true stories, real life examples as an entrepreneur. These days people dont write anymore, they only instagram. But life is not made up of just pictures, there are stories to be shared.
  3. Hannah, remember God has a bigger plan than what you assume, so don't retire, there are so much more you can do.
 It is so encouraging to hear from people who are passionate, but at the same time, godly, who understood life is really a journey of adventures that allowed us to learn to never give up, but to always move forward. These are the people I want to hang out with, bcos regardless of our achievements, life is more than that. And I am reminded of a quote that sets my foundation in all these decades : "Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope"

So having said all, this is our first video for our Vision for Leap Inspire :